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Cape Town
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Shop U1, N1 City Mall Louwtjie Rothman Street Cape Town


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Texas Spur Reviews

As an ex - restuaranteer with 5 star experience, I've always struggled with the fact that there are barely any family friendly eateries where on can expect to receive very good, let alone excellent service. Food is almost always guaranteed to be no better than 'okay.' Good at best. A Truly Good experience encompasses Service, Food and Ambiance. A very important early family supper before a big, sad event with limited time, was an absolute disaster. My medium rare steak arrived on a PIPING hot skillet. There was no warning for the customer. The, "Please be careful, it's hot," was not delivered. Not that I had to be warned. I waited for, at the very least, 15 minutes for my sauce to arrive, and by the time I'd cut it open it was medium-well. The service was absolutely appalling! I stood up for at least 10 minutes, every 15 minutes or so, to find a waiter that was willing to pass on a message to my waiter. Utensils weren't delivered despite numerous requests. The arrival of our food was staggered without being requested. We did not have a waiter to offer us a 2nd round of drinks or dessert. I managed to order an awful plain waffle for my son via a Trainee. No-one checked whether we were enjoying our meal. And more... Of course I got up to find and inform our waiter about my steak, which had arrived medium. She never once said please or thank you, nor did she acknowledge us when we spoke. I eventually found a manager. This experience was the Most Shocking of All! The manager was very rude. I repeatedly explained and eventually received a replacement steak that was not cooked to death, but not after being told that it was My fault, and that it was common sense that a 'hot skillet' was 'hot.' The Worst was having to endure 15 minutes of this manager explaining to me that a steak cooks on a hot skillet and ensuring I understand this without allowing me the opportunity to speak. I served the mystery guest who bestowed the 5 star rating on the Cape Grace Hotel - I think I know how a steak is cooked. I learnt it 29 years ago when I worked at the Spur in the old Centre Point Mall in Milnerton. As someone who's worked in the industry I always find it hard to not critique a restaurant with the Sincere Hope that the the next experience for myself, Would Be Better. I always intend to give a restaurant at least 2 opportunities to secure my patronage, Well Done Texas Spur! Well Done to a Particular Manager by the name of Armand! What a Gem of Manager! He definitely has what it takes to run His Very Own Restaurant. With my friend, as usual set on posting on Hello Peter and Never venturing back, I decided to Try to speak to the manager at reception in an attempt to at least Try to ensure that other diners would not have a similar experience. I did Not have to Try with Armand! I requested whether I could give him some constructive criticism, and he his response was, "Please Do." He was very friendly, not breaking eye contact despite other patrons and staff crowding around us. He sincerely apologized and Requested My number. I did not expect him to call me a few days later, Humbly Apologizing and offering me a replacement steak. Nor did I EVER Expect that he would inform me that BOTH their Grillers And Waiters would be undergoing Training! I went back and had the Most Amazing Experience Celebrating my dad's 75th Birthday in November 2022. My son, a Frequent Flyer at Spur since the age of 2, commented that "This is The Best Burger Ever!" He has been practicing His Special Order of a Spur Burger with Absolutely NO Garnish and extra basting, for years. The Service was Impeccable! As I told Armand, my son had for the first time decided we'd go around the table and rate our food! My steak was 4.5 stars. His was 5, as was My Dad's. And what can I say? Our local Spur no longer gets our weekly Spur patronage. I KNOW that when Armand is there it Will be a 4.5 star Experience! And when he's off? A 4 Star at least. Well Done Armand! And We'll Done Texas Spur! Well see you again on Saturday! 😊
- Nicolette Eberlein | 30 November 2023
Love the vibe at this Spur
- Olivia Fortuin | 29 November 2023
Service is out of this place
- Lindokuhle Mnyakeni | 25 November 2023