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Our Eco Journey

Our Eco Journey
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Spur Steak Ranches is committed to sustainable business practice through our Spur Eco Journey.

In collaboration with Spur Corporation we are making a concerted effort to ensure our Environmental Sustainability Policy is a living reality in our restaurants. 

We are focusing on the triple bottom line – 'People, Planet and Profit' as the central message of our policy, with specific attention to Energy Reduction and Saving. With the help and guidance from the Spur Corp. Eco Team, we also participate in Water Conservation, Waste Reduction and Community Projects.

Our restaurants are measured on activities through our Green Operational Reports, which provide the Eco Team with data and feedback that supports further research and development in technologies to help reduce our environmental impact.

We hope you will join us on our Eco Journey, as we work towards a sustainable future, today.

Bye Bye Balloons

Kids may love balloons… but nature doesn’t!

We give away millions of balloons and balloon sticks a year and should these items end up in the environment they can cause fatal harm when marine animals and birds mistake it for food.

Even though our balloons are biodegradable and balloon sticks are recyclable we have decided to remove these items from our restaurants to prevent further harm to nature and to minimize the waste generated should it not be recycled.

Your little ones can still enjoy our famous paper lucky packet with every birthday combo meal ordered.

1. Why has Spur decided to remove balloons from restaurants?

Removing balloons from our offering falls in line with Spur's commitment to environmental sustainability. We are aware that balloons are associated with celebrations, but we cannot ignore the fact that when these colourful single-use items end up in the ecosystem, animals mistake it for food, which, when ingested, can cause fatal harm. By gradually phasing out balloons and plastic toys we aim to contribute to a sustainable, pollution free environment for our children and future generations.

2. What will the balloons be replaced with?

To keep our waste input to the minimum, the balloons won't be replaced with anything, instead we will be putting our efforts and budget into enhancing the fun Spur experiences we offer to our young customers. We will continue to deliver on our delicious kids menu offering, face painting, exciting new lucky packets with paper based activities, great birthday parties, safe and fun kid’s play areas and more education around caring for the environment.

3. Will other elements such as sweet wrappers, takeaway packaging be changed as well?

Sweet wrappers have already been changed to paper-based wrappers, and all takeaway packaging is made from sustainable material from renewable resources, and our plastic bags have been replaced with paper alternatives. Spur has also introduced paper-based straws. Other single-use plastic items that are still in the system is recyclable, but we are in the process of investigating alternatives, and will keep our customers up to date when we make important changes.

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