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Shop no 28B Mega City Shopping Mall Makora Drive Mmabatho


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Big Valley Spur Reviews

A cool place to unwind snd enjoy good food
- Elizabeth Smit | 21 March 2023
So... I went here a few days ago and wanted actually review this establishment... So... I had a very very very (did I say very?? Ohkay very) bad day. 😭 I went on my birthday, which on its own is a terrible day for me, eitherway, as I said, it was my birthday and I was having it bad, I get to Spur and I'm greeted by friendly faces and I get seated, after being seated the waiter, who is a very kind gentleman I should add♥️ (I see him every single day but I still cannot remember his name unfortunately) takes my order, mid me giving the order, I just break down cause like bad day and all. So I break down because one, I don't like my birthday; two, I'm alone on my birthday and three, it has just been a bad day all and all. So, I try and give out my order and I'm crying there and this poor gentleman has to witness me and my cries, he handled the situation with so much sensitivity and I would love to appreciate him for that, he handled everything more than how I would have wanted. 💔 So, after him seeing that I'm crying I go to the bathroom to revamp myself cause I'm looking like a mess😩 I try and contain myself and after that I go back to my table to get my meal. As I am seated the manager comes, I'm going to assume that Mr Kind Waiter told him of the situation, he comes to check if I'm fine and we speak for a while and I can contain my tears for that while until I cannot anymore, I go back into my fugly cries and go back to the bathroom cause at this stage it's very clear that I cannot handle being there. Once I am in the bathroom crying for the last 10 minutes, this kind female lady who also works there comes and asks why I am in such a painful state, I cannot even explain or begin to explain and I just go back into my tears once more😹 Looking back, I was just too hurt on that day, anyone that knows me knows very well that I don't cry, however, this day was just the pits so I criiiiieeeddddd😭 Now I laugh 😹 But after speaking to my friend I decide to leave the establishment cause I just couldn't hold in anything anymore. I get my birthday ice cream, settle the bill and leave. Post this (probably 4 days later) , Mr Kind Waiter approaches me and asks if I'm well and now I am and am back to being my loud, energetic self, I tell him that I am and that it was just not a good day for me. ♥️ Today, I pass the establishment once more (Ohh, I'm a Unibo student and live near the Complex thus I pass there so frequently) and the manager notices me and comforts me. I would honestly like to rate this place even more than this🥺 The service of the people there is top tier and I will be forever grateful for it, it really helped in making my horrible day a bit better ♥️ Thank you again.
- Gao Sitwe | 15 November 2022
The service was very good
- Velaphi Makhehla | 13 October 2022
service was so good... i enjoyed my meal
- Mokolopi Tp Kopang | 12 October 2022