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Cape Town Chief Cook June 2018

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The fifth Chief Cook event saw 15 family teams compete against other to create the best gourmet boerie roll and flapjacks

15 Family teams from across Cape Town came together to create culinary delights and compete against each other in the 2018 Spur Secret Tribe cook-off, held at the internationally acclaimed Silwood School of Cookery.

Each team was given the exciting challenge of making a Gourmet Boerie Roll, working with traditional South African boerewors and creating magic with additional accompaniments like tomato smoor, mielie salsa, fried onions and guacamole. To add a unique twist to their creations, they were also challenged to include their favourite Spur Sauce as a basting.

For the second challenge, teams made Flapjacks from scratch and then plated these as a restaurant-style dessert, before presenting them to the judges.

Mom-and-son teams stole the show with Kim Ellman and her 10-year old son Ashton walking away with the first prize in the Gourmet Boerie Roll category. The runners up were mom-and-daughter team Elaine and Roshnay Williams (10).

The best plate of Flapjacks was created by another mom-and-son team, Tasneem Omar and her 12-year old son Mika-eel. Aunt-and-niece team, Linelle Smith and Mia Liebenberg (11), came a close second.

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