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Boredom Buster Jar

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Stuck indoors? We’ve got lots of fun ideas to keep busy!

To avoid the “I’m bored!” blues during the lockdown, on a rainy day or any time that you’re stuck at home or indoors, download these printable boredom busters and pop them into a jar. Give it a shake and randomly pick one of the activities to keep entertained. You can also get creative and decorate the jar with stickers, ribbons and paint. In fact, that’s a fun boredom buster too!

1. Indoor “snowball” fight with rolled up socks

2. Create an indoor obstacle course

3. Write, choreograph or act out a play

4. Paint silly faces on rocks or pebbles (or make a fun frame like this one here)

5. Write a poem or song

6. Build a fort with blankets and chairs

7. Host your own fashion show

8. Get baking and whip up something delicious (check out our Spur Sauces website for some sweet treats!)

9. Play your favourite board game, charades or 20 questions

10. Put on a sock puppet show

11. Get crafty with friendship bracelets

12. Indoor scavenger hunt

13. Upcycle items around the house (check out this fun idea here)

14. Clear out your toys and closet and donate to charity

15. Have a paper aeroplane race

16. Make play dough

17. Visit the museum

18. Make a scrapbook or memory box with your favourite photos and memorabilia